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“I had been struggling with fallout from generational dysfunction and needed help processing this trauma.

Donna recommended a hypnotherapy session to see if we could find the root cause of the pain. During the session, she guided me back in time, seven generations to send love, light and forgiveness to family members who had crossed over.

Halfway through the session, I literally heard and felt a sigh of relief from seven generations past who had been carrying the same burden as me. It was overwhelming and I started to cry, extreme tears of joy, it was like a pressure relief valve had been activated and the pain body of past/present and future generations of my family had been lifted.

This small moment in time unlocked the stuck energy that was holding me back from living my life’s true purpose. Donna helped open my eyes and heart to the fact that I am not here merely to fit into this world, I’m here to help heal it!”
Tim S.

My wife Laura and I both received Reiki services from practitioner Ms. Rae Shine. Ms. Shine is a true professional. She focused on her clients’ needs. We really liked her upbeat personality. She was warm, kind, and seemed to care about us. After treatment, any anxiety was replaced with a sense of calm. Overall, a great experience!
Roger D.

“Ever since I lost my husband to cancer 14 years ago, I have hoped and prayed to communicate with him somehow. Having a reading with Carol answered my prayers and it was miraculous! She was able to relay things to me that only he and I had shared. That was confirmation to me that Carol is the absolute best at what she does and is also extremely skilled. I am eagerly looking forward to my next reading. It gave me such joy and peace. Thank you, Carol!”
Gwen S.

“I was highly recommended to Donna to help me learn and understand my child who has psychic abilities. Upon meeting her, she has such a warm and giving nature. She helped my child and I understand more of what he was seeing and helped me to assist him. With Donna, I found my own gifts and began my healing journey in her meditation classes and through private sessions with her. She has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I will forever be grateful to her.”
Risa L.

I had a great session with Rae! I had been looking to try Reiki as part of understanding myself and my energy more deeply. She helped me to acknowledge where some blocks were and how I could help open the energy flow more. The session itself was peaceful and relaxing. I will definitely be going back periodically. Thanks, Rae!
Pam M.

Carol is a seer in the classic sense. No smoke, no mirrors.   This lady has a window seat to your soul, which is more than enough in and of itself, but her compassionate and peaceful nature only enhances the experience. Those with questions, concerns or curiosity about their lives are well-served by utilizing Carol’s gifts. In my years, I’ve never had a stronger connection with a spiritual conduit.”
Michael M.

“A beautiful and loving experience, I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Donna. She was able to connect with family that have passed and through that she provided a lot of healing and comfort to me. Donna also gave me a lot of insight into my life and not once did I ever feel judged? It was an unforgettable experience and I can’t thank her enough!”
Kris A.

I absolutely love Rae’s energy. The experience you have will be memorable. I had a lot of pain and and certain areas and she just put her touch In energy Through me and I no longer had those issues anymore immediately. I recommend you go and get your own personal experience it trust me you will not be disappointed.
Mika C.

Carol is a very gifted intuitive and healer. She creates a warm and safe environment that invites and facilitates gentle yet profound energy shifts. Results I’ve experienced include increased self-awareness, greatly improved physical and emotional health and a heightened sense of well-being that remains long after the session has ended. Working with Carol is always a vibration-raising experience!”
Laura R.

Donna is by far the most intuitive person I have ever met. My family and I have been seeing Donna for years, and she has helped all five of us in our spiritual journeys. Whether it has been through her gift of mediumship, guided meditations, hypnotherapy or intuitive learning classes. Donna’s gifts and her love of helping people are without parallel.”
Karen S.

I have known Rae for a while she is a really great friend and has really been there for me.  I was excited when she started to get into healing work! I love my sessions with her I feel so energized and calm after.  I also have worked with her on the life coach side, she has really given great advice to help me with my life and career goals.  I highly recommend her. 
Janet C.

Carol is a very talented, ethical and compassionate person. Her psychic gifts and abilities allow her to quickly connect to energy and interpret messages. She has phenomenal insight, and always offers kind words of encouragement. Carol has made a huge difference in my life and deserves my highest recommendation.”
Dan. N.

Donna is an amazing spiritual guide, healer, and teacher!  She shares her gifts and her energy with you freely and generously, in the most genuine and caring way.  Through the readings and meditations with Donna I have learned so much about my own spiritual journey.  These incredible experiences always leave me more at peace and with a better understanding of myself and the world around me.  If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to meet with Donna, do not hesitate!”
Gina S.

“An amazing experience! I saw many colors, bright white first then blue and purple. There was lots of brilliant white light around my 3rd eye. I feel great! Carol is an angel.”

Donna is an incredible teacher.  She uses her knowledge, warmth, humor and patience to create a healing and supportive atmosphere in her individual and group sessions.  Her willingness to share and laugh about the ups and downs in her own life provides a safe environment for those who wish to be open about their own lives.  Donna’s healing love and light fills the room as you work towards finding more understanding, peace and joy in your daily life.  You will never regret your decision to work with Donna!”
Janet M.

“I felt very comfortable energy rising within minutes of lying down on the table. When Carol began to speak, the energy increased and expanded. I felt the chakras open with simultaneously and gracefully renewed guidance. I don’t know how long I laid on the healing table when she was finished. After, writing this, I still feel energy which is good because I am able to read my writing. My hand is steady. I felt loved, infused and in gratitude. It was a wonderful experience!”
Allison H.

“Warm, friendly and brilliantly intuitive, Donna is a treasure of knowledge. You will feel blessed to know her.”
Monique R.

Carol channels the most pure and unconditional love I have ever felt from anyone.”
Matt T.

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with Donna for almost 10 years. She is my Mentor and has helped guide me to find my happiest and most fulfilling life. Donna has helped me on a journey of self discovery of my soul. She has the most beautiful soul and connects with students in a way that we carry each other everywhere we go. Her classes were the highlight of my weeks. Donna is an incredible teacher.”  
Jean S.

Carol has the natural ability as a channel and healer to convey the universal connection that we all possess with one another and the expanse of the cosmos. Her talent is not simply one of phenomena but of purpose. The purpose being is the revelation of our essential legacy as human beings. Carol is showing the world, one individual at a time, what it means to embody magic through service of the heart. She has definitely changed my life through her guidance and unconditional love.”
Edward J.

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